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  Chinese Lanterns: An Exotic Touch of the Mystical East

Author: chinese lanterns

Are you interested in adding some magic and colour to your event? Do you have plans to make your wedding a festive one without spending too many dollars? If the answer is yes, then you should go ahead and celebrate your event using decorative Chinese lanterns.

There is nothing too technical in the making of Chinese lanterns as they are simple wire frames that are efficiently covered with decorative paper. Usually such lanterns are round in shape and are ignited from the centre, which provides them with a mesmerizing glow.

A good thing about all sky lanterns is that they are available in a variety of bright colors, designs and shapes. Because of this, they really are ideal for any event that you are interested in adding color to. Weddings are certainly fantastic occasions for using such sky lanterns . You can hang beautiful festive globes from the trees in the garden, even more so for wedding receptions when guests from far away visit for the evening party .Outdoor weddings and other events are especially good occasions for having these flying lanterns.

Decorative lanterns that are in a shape of festive globes look beautiful when they are hung from tea tree branches at night. Such lanterns can be hung on a single cord from tree to tree to add color to the event. You can also experiment by hanging them on stands close to the seating arrangement to take the celebrations close to the guests!

Lovely flying lanterns can add to the indoor atmosphere as well. You can have them as accents on the reception tables instead of costly chandeliers. The bright colors that you get on all of your tables are just bewitching for all to behold. You can set complementing decoration pieces and floral arrangements on tables to complete the setup.

It all looks best if you choose these decorative lanterns in three vibrant colors. You can get best combinations with red and fuchsia with blue chipped in. Yellow and green is another great color combination for you and the occasion.

Chinese decorative lanterns are straightforward to use and are quite safe. Even so, you still need to supervise the youngsters when they are around the lanterns. You should always purchase your lanterns from a reputable seller. Such lanterns come attached with fuel cell which can be illuminated while the lantern is kept open. Once the air inside the Chinese decorative lantern heats up enough , the lantern magically moves upwards into the sky and if several are let off at the same time, the effect is just magical!

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