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How do I delete my Penpal Profile account
  If you would like to delete your Penpal Profile from our Database, you must first login to your Penpal Profile.

On the left hand side menu, click on the link titled "Members Area" which will bring you to the Penpal Profile Administration web page.

On the Penpals Administration web page, click on the link titled "Click Here To Delete Your Penpal Profile". Click OK when you see the confirmation pop up box. You will then receive a confirmation that your Penpal Profile has been deleted from our Database.

  How do I contact penpals located in the database?
  In order to send email messages to other penpals who are already members of, you must first create a penpal account, and then login to your penpal account. While browsing through the search results, you will be able to choose which penpal you would like to send an email message to.

  Help! I have forgotten my username or password!
  You can retrieve your username/password for your account by typing in your email into the Forgot Password Web Page.

  How do I upload a photo for my penpal profile?
  You must first login to your penpal profile account, and in the Members Area, there will be an area where you will be able to upload an image file for your penpal profile's photo.

  Help! I am receiving too many responses from fellow penpals. What can I do to stop receiving emails?
  You can hide your penpal profile from the penpal search results, by first logging into your account, and then entering the Members Area, where you will be able to "hide" and "display" your penpal profile in the penpal search results.


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